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Sports Vision

Sports vision training is a growing niche in the eyecare industry, helping athletes improve their performance skills through the enhancement of visual skills. While regular eye exams are important for checking your eyes' health and your visual acuity (how clearly you can see a still object at different distances), sports vision testing is recommended for anyone who takes their athletic performance seriously. 

Visual skills needed for sports performance

Several key visual skills are enhanced through sports vision programs for athletes who aim to achieve their optimal sports performance:

Dynamic visual acuity refers to the patient’s ability to see objects in motion clearly. Good dynamic visual acuity is exceptionally important as hand-eye coordination and reflex reactions are essential for success in most sporting activities.

Contrast sensitivity is needed to determine the difference between an object and its surroundings. Contrast sensitivity is particularly important in situations with low light, fog, or glare that could diminish the natural contrast between objects and backgrounds. 

Eye tracking refers to the ability to visually follow a fast-moving object, such as a ball or puck.

Switching eye focus allows athletes to frequently change their focus quickly and accurately from one distance to another. 

Binocular vision skills, also known as eye teaming skills, these skills determine how well your eyes work with one another to produce a single, clear image.

Visual processing speed is the amount of time it takes to make a correct judgment about a visual stimulus – for example, judging how fast a ball is traveling towards the viewer. 

Peripheral awareness: athletes need to be able to be aware of what is happening at the edges of their vision while also concentrating on a fixed object in front of them.

Sports vision testing can enable your eye doctor to spot any weaknesses that you may have in any of these key visual skills. By identifying any deficits, it is possible for you to undergo treatment to overcome issues, meet your specific goals, and enhance your overall athletic performance. This is known as sports vision training.

What’s involved in sports vision training?

Sports vision training refers to a personalized treatment plan designed to train the brain to achieve maximum efficiency in how it receives, processes, and responds to visual input. Exactly what is involved in your sports vision training will depend on your athletic activity and the visual skills that your eye doctor identifies for improvement after comprehensive sports vision testing. Your treatment program will use a variety of tools, techniques, and exercises. You may also be asked to complete some exercises at home to further enhance your progress. With sports vision training, the ultimate goal is for athletes to continue to see faster and clearer, giving them a distinct competitive edge. 

Please contact our team for more information about sports vision training and how it can benefit amateur and professional athletes.

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